Before you enter this site, please unpack any anti African/anti Black sentiments. To go any further would not endanger our community members as much as it would endanger you.

Unlike some other spaces dealing with issues of ethnicity and racism, we are not interested in making or maintaining a false peace with people who disrespect us. We use any and all means within our power to protect and defend ourselves including but not limited to the spiritual.

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This site centers African and diaspora women, femmes, feminine people, postgender, intergender, intersex, extragender, and even xenogender people whose expression dips within the spectrum of femininity. We are not trying to be everybody's friend. We are not catering to anyone's entitlement. We don't even abide the strict lines based on body parts, much less color or a certain presumed dominant culture's definition of what constitutes femininity, womanhood, or gender itself.

For the Africana Womanist/Afrocentric or Panafrican Maternal Feminist, gender is not even just a spectrum, it is a sky filled with many constellations.

This site is for those whose starscape births new beings or facilitates the birth and nurturing of beings through life. If you are sensitive to very real and graphic discussions of the realities of women and femmes on this planet, you should be warned that there may be triggers here. By the same, we will not be always on serious topics. If you can't handle that sometimes we're also going to discuss mundane things like dating and fashion, this is probably not the place for you either.

If you are a person who usually manifests in what could be called a masculine way, but would like to give some air to your femininity here, you are also welcome. If you cross a line or go to far or impose too much, we will tell you. If you can learn from it, you will stay welcome. If not, then you will have to go and perhaps return when you unpack.

If you feel that you can vibe with this site, you may


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