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Child labor laws are under attack in states across the country: Amid increasing child labor violations, lawmakers must act to strengthen standards | Economic Policy Institute

At a time when serious child labor violations are on the rise in hazardous meatpacking and manufacturing jobs, several state legislatures are weakening—or threatening to weaken—child labor protections. The trend reflects a coordinated multi-industry push to expand employer access to low-wage labor and weaken state child labor laws in ways that contradict federal protections, in…

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Jackson dissents in abortion case

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson dissented Monday as the Supreme Court wiped out a federal appeals court ruling that upheld the right of a minor to go to court to obtain permission to seek an abortion without parental notification.That lower court decision, issued last April by the St. Louis-based 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, seems…

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Have You Faced Barriers to Getting Gender-Affirming Care? Help Us Investigate. — ProPublica

We are interested in talking to transgender individuals who have faced barriers when seeking quality gender-affirming care; we want to hear about obstacles you’ve faced in any part of the process, from struggling to find providers to limitations in insurance coverage. Documents, such as health bills or insurance denial letters, are always welcome and helpful…

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In Israel, TV’s dystopian ‘Handmaids’ is protest fixture

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — It’s become an ominous fixture of the mass anti-government protests roiling Israel: a coil of women in crimson robes and white caps, walking heads bowed and hands clasped. They are dressed as characters from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and the eponymous TV series.The women, growing in numbers…

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Canada’s healthcare system requires further improvement towards treating black patients  | The Silhouette

A mountain of evidence has displayed a lack of health research concerning the black population. This has led to their care being inaccurate since it is based on research conducted on individuals of European descent. Instances like these have created a space for the healthcare system to make inferences on how to treat black individuals…

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The Manosphere men are liars. (And so are the women who love them.)

The Manosphere men are liars. (And so are the women who love them.) from For Harriet

Toxic men monetizing hate, and the women who enable them.

[embed][/embed] Yep. They lie and make you regret being nice to them at all. I am vetting people much more carefully now. Next brother who claims to be Afroscientific or Kemetic is going to be quizzed on the practical application of the Affirmations of Ma’at. No more of these “pastor says” Pagans who never actually…

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B.C. budget: Province becomes first in Canada to offer free prescription contraception |

B.C. budget: Province becomes first in Canada to offer free prescription contraception by Amy JuddAmy Judd (

The B.C. budget revealed a measure to cover prescription birth control products, copper IUDs and Plan B emergency contraceptives starting April 1, 2023.

With the release of the provincial budget on Tuesday, B.C. will become the first province in Canada to make prescription contraception free for all residents.Finance Minister Katrine Conroy said free prescription contraception will be available for women and transgender and non-binary people starting April 1.The program will fully cover prescription contraception options, including most oral…

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We’re Still Missing the Mark on Black Trans Issues.

We’re Still Missing the Mark on Black Trans Issues. from YouTube

Homo/Transphobia in the African American community, and how Black Trans women face exponentially more violence and discrimination because of it.

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Who benefits from all this outrage & division? | Khadija Mbowe

Who benefits from all this outrage & division? | Khadija Mbowe from YouTube

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[embed][/embed] Play 0:00 Intro 0:29 Shouts to Surfshark 5:21 The anatomy of a Moral Panic 6:58 In Defence of Nuance 15:32 People are complicated 23:08 Final thoughts (aka who benefits?) 27:45 Credits/Thank you to the Patrons 38:34

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M2KaNE – MaDlamini (Official Music Video)

M2KaNE – MaDlamini (Official Music Video) from YouTube

This song is proudly dedicated to Phindiwe Edna Mbatyoti, my mother. Ndyabulela MaDlamini, you have raised a good man.

[embed][/embed] I’m here to pander to a heart that has been vilified That’s always pampered me and harvested my inner fire I wanna see you smileDon’t wanna see you cry I wanna be the one who always let’s your demons down Relentless in your quest to make your baby fly I’ll always grind until I…

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