Explaining Hunter Schafer’s Transmedicalism (& Why It’s a Problem) – YouTube

Euphoria star and trans activist Hunter Schafer has seemingly supported transmedicalist views, ones which are blaming nonbinary transgender people for recent attacks on transgender health care… which showcases a fundamental misunderstanding of why right wing groups are attacking trans health care.

This is a great video, though I’m a bit less trusting of the motives of some transmedicalists. I have to ask why do transmedicalists try to drag Black Trans Women into their attempt to impose colonial gender roles? Don’t they get that even for western acceptably cis Black women, and definitely those of us who can’t conform or pass well enough to avoid anomic and hostile responses to our appearance, we have a constant problem of our femininity being dismissed and downgraded/devalued? NB visibility is one of the few cultural developments that actually benefits us directly.

I think it’s a matter of orientation not being that relevant to whether or not someone supports “white” supremacy. There is some racism in the LGBTQIA+ community, and a lot of it will come out when the issue of gender and perceptions of it come up. We’ve all seen Black Trans Men being gaslighted that they’re just “butch”. Then there’s the default expectation that in an intercultural relationship, the Black one is the “top” or “the man”.

We know these things are happening, which is why the term Afrogender is rare but sticking. We’ve been shut out of the colonial role of womanhood long enough to understand we don’t need it, and bonus, we have our own in the African context. In that, as I said, we’re not even limited to a “spectrum”. It’s a sky full of constellations. So even if the non binary thing is a movement or a trend, it’s a good thing for us since it asserts that no matter how someone perceives our gender, our personhood is the relevant feature.

I would like some Black Trans women to weigh in on this. I can’t really answer for someone else how they should feel about being dragged into transmedicalism, but my guess is that it wouldn’t be good, especially considering access issues. These same people complaining about gatekeeping are for some reason supporting the capitalists who want to tighten the locks. It just looks to me like the same old fake concern for things they never really had to go through and can’t relate to: fake outrage that looks intense enough to drive them into the arms of the enemy on the surface, when the truth is that they are the enemy, just wanting a different place in the dynamic of supremacy.


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