Award-winning documentary sheds light on being ‘Black in the Newsroom’ 

Media 2070’s award-winning documentary Black in the Newsroom gives insight into the hurdles many Black journalists experience. The 15-minute film follows journalist Elizabeth Montgomery as she navigates anti-Blackness in the media and explores its pervasive harm to society. “When Black journalists like Elizabeth are marginalized and pushed out of journalism, the results are disastrous,” said Collette Watson, vice president of cultural strategy for Free Press, co-creator of Media 2070 and director of Black in the Newsroom. “Lives and livelihoods are destroyed, and subsequent reporting fails to capture the full truth of our communities. This dramatically shapes discourse and policies that affect realities for all.”“As Elizabeth bravely shares her story in our film,” Watson added, “we see that the conversation is bigger than issues around hiring and diversity. Anti-Black racism has been extremely profitable for the U.S. media business since colonial times.”

Source: Award-winning documentary sheds light on being ‘Black in the Newsroom’ 

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