Ben Crump calls for an end to Memphis Police SCORPION Squads |

Attorneys for Tyre Nichols’ family call for an end to Memphis Police SCORPION Squads (

Attorney Ben Crump said the SCORPION units and similar around the country incite more violence than they prevent.

“Pro-active policing” or “saturation unit policing,” whether the officers are in unmarked cars wearing tactical vests or “jump-out boys” in plain clothes and undercover, is defined by several common and dangerous components. These types of aggressive units are used in cities across the country and are intended to flood troubled areas with officers to stem high crime. But what we’ve seen this month in Memphis and for many years in many places, is that the behavior of these units can morph into “wolf pack” misconduct that takes away a person’s liberty or freedom to move, akin to a kidnapping. Officers tend to focus on Black and Brown members of the community and feel empowered to conduct “pre-textual” stops, or stops without probable cause, saying they are proactively looking for guns or drugs. These often aggressive encounters flat out destruct trust between police and the communities they are sworn to protect and serve, but as we saw in the tragic and unnecessary death of Tyre Nichols, can also lead to physical injury or death when the culture of unchecked, pro-active policing overtakes common sense.

Source: Ben Crump calls for an end to Memphis Police SCORPION Squads |

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