Gender-Affirming Care for Adults Is Now Basically Banned in Missouri

The emergency rule makes it impossible for transgender people of all ages to access gender-affirming care unless they have exhibited a medically documented “long-lasting, persistent and intense” pattern of gender dysphoria for three years. They also have to prove they’ve received “a full psychological or psychiatric assessment” and “15 separate, hourly sessions” of therapy, at least 10 of which must be with the same therapist. This follows several anti-trans lobbyists and lawmakers, who’ve attempted to falsely equate transness with “severe mental illness.” People seeking such care will have to be screened for autism and other pre-existing issues, such as anxiety and depression, and pre-existing conditions must “have been treated and resolved” before a person can access gender-affirming care. Health care providers also have to check that a minor who is trans has received a comprehensive screening annually and isn’t suffering from “social media addiction.”

Source: Gender-Affirming Care for Adults Is Now Basically Banned in Missouri

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