One of Scholastic’s Best-Selling Authors Tells Publisher: “I Need You To Be Braver”

Last week author Maggie Tokuda-Hall revealed that Scholastic required her to omit all mentions of racism in her book to complete a licensing deal for her (and Yas Imamura’s) book, Love in the Library. A Scholastic license deal is a big freaking deal as they are the world’s biggest children’s book publisher/distributor.Surface-level, this was a terrible move by Scholastic to cave to right-wing political pressure amid waves of censorship of POC and LGBTQ stories. However, making matters worse, the removed paragraph touched on Tokuda-Hall’s family’s time in an American concentration camp.

Source: One of Scholastic’s Best-Selling Authors Tells Publisher: “I Need You To Be Braver”

Well well well…this was the post that when I shared it on Mastodon, the haters finally found me. Apparently, they don’t know how it works. Soon as they say something hateful, people know that they’re haters and block them. It all happened very quickly.

Definitely, if you’re sick of taking abuse and dealing with a constant stream of hate on a platform, you should consider coming out to the Fediverse. It’s a lot more expensive and troublesome for haters to have to buy a new domain every time someone on their instance decides to be an ass than it is to just change profiles.

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