How Black play can protect our children from Cop City – Scalawag

Remix, as a child, your only obligation to this work is to take up space shamelessly through the Black joy and play inherent to your body and spirit. Through play, centered within and informed by your kinship network, you are learning and practicing self-definition. Play is teaching you mutual aid—how to meet someone’s needs, as well as allowing others to meet yours; how to resource your community, struggle collectively, build and exchange power, and co-construct safety. We can look to your recent playground experiences as quintessential examples:During one recent visit, you allowed another toddler to walk you across the shaky bridge you feared. Once across, you two became partners—she assisted you with ascending the rock-climbing wall and chain-link ladder. She insisted that she be your support, and you responded graciously.

Source: How Black play can protect our children from Cop City – Scalawag

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