Women who bake delicious homemade bread in Iran | homemade bread video

Watch the channel that just might bring peace to the world.

In this bakery, all stages of baking homemade bread are done by hand and in a traditional way by women artisan bakers.
You can see the homemade bread recipe with yeast in this video.
Easy homemade bread with excellent taste is the product of this small women’s bakery.
homemade bread recipe is not difficult, but it takes the love, skill and art of the baker to make it delicious.
Homemade bread has a very good smell and evokes the village and a good sense of life.
Delicious homemade bread is a very hearty and enjoyable food that you can eat with any kind of food.
If you want to know an easy homemade bread recipe or see how to make homemade in Iran, watch baking homemade bread by women in this video.

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