Human rights violations against intersex people: civil society urges Human Rights Council resolution

[embed][/embed] “In most countries, intersex children are routinely subjected to unnecessary medical treatments, surgeries, and other interventions without expressed personal free and informed consent due to stigma and misconceptions about their sex characteristics. “The impacts of these practices – and their framing as human rights violations and abuses – have been highlighted by several human…

NIH VideoCast – Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ+ Youth

In celebration of Pride Month, this interactive hybrid symposium will feature a keynote speaker and moderated panel discussion focusing on the latest interventions, what research still needs to be developed, and resources with respect to Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ+ Youth. Source: NIH VideoCast – Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ+ Youth

Former Minister Admits to Murder of Detroit Trans Woman Kelly Stough

A former minister in Michigan pleaded guilty to the 2018 murder of Black transgender woman Kelly Stough, who was active in the local Detroit ballroom scene, authorities announced.Albert Weathers, 50, a former pastor at the Logos Church in Detroit, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and a felony firearm count in the case of Stough, 36,…

Uganda’s nondiscrimination assurances won’t protect queer people from prosecution – Washington Blade: LGBTQ News, Politics, LGBTQ Rights, Gay News

I was part of a Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International team that investigated violence and discrimination in the wake of the Anti-Homosexuality Act. We found that LGBTIQ people were facing arbitrary arrests, police abuse and extortion, loss of employment, evictions, homelessness, forced displacement, violence and denial of health services. The organization Sexual Minorities Uganda,…

Amid transgender care bans, exceptions made for surgery on intersex children – ABC News

When Sean Saifa Wall was 13, a doctor recommended to his mother that Wall’s male-typical genitals be removed and that he begin feminizing hormone therapy.He says his late mother agreed to the surgery and treatment, but Wall adds that his mother picked the wrong gender for him.”Receiving my medical records and really learning about what…

Texas Anti-Trans Laws Target Intersex People, Too – The Texas Observer

At the same time that these bills ban gender-affirming care for trans kids, they carve out exceptions to allow doctors to continue to perform medically unnecessary treatments on intersex infants intended to make them fit into the categories of male and female—long before they are old enough to express any form of gender identity. “Intersex”…

How U.S. Evangelicals Helped Homophobia Flourish in Africa – Foreign Policy

U.S. Evangelicals Helped Homophobia Flourish in Africa

A made-in-the-USA movement and ideology is polarizing African countries and harming and endangering LGBTQ+ people. Source: How U.S. Evangelicals Helped Homophobia Flourish in Africa – Foreign Policy

Exporting Prejudice: How the West promotes homophobia in Africa

How the West promotes homophobia in Africa

Africa is undergoing a swell of attacks on gay and non-binary people, often instigated by religious and political leaders. Some of these figures are prominent presidents and preachers, but others are less well known because they promote homophobia from abroad, including right-wing evangelical figures from the US. Source: Exporting Prejudice: How the West promotes homophobia…

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