Comparison of US Firearm-Related Deaths Among Children and Adolescents by Race and Ethnicity, 1999–2020 – PMC

Comparison of US Firearm-Related Deaths Among Children and Adolescents by Race and Ethnicity, 1999–2020 (PubMed Central (PMC))

An analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mortality data found that firearm-related deaths surpassed motor vehicle collisions as the leading cause of mortality for US children and adolescents aged 1 to 19 years (hereafter “youths”) for the first time in 2020.1 The 2019 to 2020 increase in the crude rate of firearm-related…

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Women work harder than men – our anthropological study reveals why

Women work harder than men – our anthropological study reveals why (The Conversation)

Men in rural China spend more time in leisure or social activities, or just hanging around and resting.

For most people around the world, physical work takes up a great amount of time and energy every day. But what determines whether it is men or women who are working harder in households? In most hunter-gatherer societies, men are the hunters and women are the gatherers – with men seemingly walking the furthest. But…

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Black Diversity Officers Needed to Help Doctoral Candidate and Activist: Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the higher education program at Florida State University. This study aims to understand the experiences of Black Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) during the anti-Critical Race Theory (CRT) movement. My research focuses on how CDOs experience racism at PWIs, how it influences their implementation of…

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Who Gets Accepted and Who Gets Rejected? Status in the Production of Social Science | RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences

This article considers science as a stratified social system that may reflect and reproduce broader social patterns of stratification. Analyses are based on a unique data archive with more than ten thousand published and unpublished manuscripts and the associated peer reviews, all submitted between 1990 and 2010 to the American Sociological Review, a leading journal…

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Women in Cybersecurity

According to a 2013 study conducted by growth strategy consulting and research firm Frost and Sullivan, women made up only 11% of the global cybersecurity workforce. While that research was rather narrow in terms of the job roles and types of cybersecurity it included, everybody concurred that female representation in cybersecurity was appallingly low.Cybercrime Magazine’s…

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Breaking the Cycle? Intergenerational Effects of an Anti-Poverty Program in Early Childhood | Andrew Bar and Chloe R. Gibbs | Head Start Intergen_1_31_2022.pdf

Despite substantial evidence that resources and outcomes are transmitted across generations, there has been limited inquiry into the extent to which anti-poverty programs actually disrupt the cycle of bad outcomes. We leverage the rollout of the United States’ largest early child-hood program, Head Start, to estimate the effect of early childhood exposure among mothers on…

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