What is maternal feminism?

Maternal feminism is the belief that women are equal in value to all other persons and deserve legal, social, and political equity with consideration for our roles as mothers and caregivers. In the beginning of feminism as a political movement in the west, this was by most considered to be specific to people assigned female at birth based on external anatomy, but today this extends to all women including Trans women. We also consider feminine and nonbinary people who function as parents, caregivers, and nurturers more than allies. We count all motherers as mothers regardless of anatomy or gender, and understand that misogyny degrades this role in all who embody or express it regardless of anatomy or gender.

This was the first kind of feminism, and has likely existed as long as humanity. You can read more about how it developed and in some ways got warped and ultimately destroyed in the mainstream by “white” feminism in the west in Wikipedia. It did survive though, through Africana womanism and other more culturally pluralistic or ethnicity or religious specific streams. There is even Islamic feminism.

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