Why do men need feminism?

Men need feminism because everyone has a mother.

Some of us have good mothers. Some of us have bad mothers. Some of us have mothers who are doing the best they can in a country and world that seems to be trying to kill or oppress them constantly.

Women’s needs are men’s needs and vise versa. We need each other to survive. I’ll take it a step further and say that men and women also need trans and nonbinary rights to be protected as well. Even though the trans and intersex are not half the population (that we know of anyway, biological sex assignment is more art than science when you look at the real variety there is), morphological freedom is an issue that affects everyone.

Someone who is not trans or nonbinary may not be directly touched by the need for morphological freedom unless or until they need a tumor removed or a knee replacement. There are people forced to live with debilitating conditions because of legal issues around what is viewed as “elective” surgery.

Someone who doesn’t have a uterus may not be directly affected unless or until one of their family members is in the emergency for a miscarriage or stillbirth, and precious minutes are wasted because the “abortion” could be deemed illegal.

I say this often, but it applies here again, the Kongo saying, “None of us births ourselves or buries ourselves.”

We all need each other to be as well and as free as possible.

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