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NefertaueretI’m K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher, the WebMatron of this site. I started Maaternal.com to make the world more aware of the existence of maternal feminism, Africana womanism, and the perspectives of women in Africa and the diaspora in the pursuit of practical equity and equal rights.

There are many issues that get a lot of press in the mainstream media, and this is a good thing. The problem is that very little is said about how various changes and laws affect us and how things that may seem to liberate one group may be used to add to our and other marginalized people’s oppression. Also, though it is nice that we have plenty of academic representation and text about our side of the movement, there is very little that the average person who is dependent on the internet and television for information can use.

In fact, though I am said to be pretty smart, I didn’t even know I was a feminist until around 2014 or so. Even then it took me awhile to accept it because I had been horribly misinformed about what a feminist is. I made it through the military, some university, classes and courses here and there, self study way off the beaten path, and being in various witchcraft communities without ever even hearing the term “maternal feminist”. Once I heard of womanism in my late teens/early 20’s I understood this is what I was. I had no idea how this made me also a feminist, just not an adherent of “white” or eurocentric or capitalist feminism.

MaaternalSo I’m here for the people who don’t yet know they’re feminists, and to give our feminism more air time. I’m also here to introduce the English speaking world to the variety of African and diaspora spiritual perspectives of gender and gendered ideas. As I said on the front page, for us it goes even beyond a spectrum. Especially for people in the feminine states of being, it can be very varied, and to put a person “between” masculine and feminine does not fully respect who they are and what they are bringing on an emotional or spiritual level.

We don’t have to do a lot of “work” to be trans inclusive since our native perspective of gender is by default trans, femme, variable, and xeno- inclusive.

So again, welcome. Get comfortable, and enjoy the site!

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