After Years Of Painful Sex, This 23-Year-Old Mom Discovered She Was Once Given A “Husband Stitch” Without Her Consent

Hannah then explained her problems for the past two years. Hannah says in the video, “She [the OB-GYN] was like, ‘I know why you’re having these problems. It’s clear as day: You were stitched wrong.'” Hannah says that her new OB-GYN explained that the opening to her vagina was much smaller than it should be…

Right Wing Women The Politics of Domesticated Females – Andrea Dworkin

Right Wing Women - Andrea Dworkin

Andrea Dworkin, an oft misinterpreted and sometimes rightly interpreted but misunderstood feminist author, goes in on right wing women. In the 2020’s it is prudent for all feminists of all stripes to give her a re-read even though maternal feminists, especially those of richer complexions, may have fundamental disagreements with her perspectives. She does successfully…

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