Female King Reviews The Woman King – YouTube

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CgLxyRS6i8&ab_channel=K.Sis.NicoleLasher%28Ibtisam70%29[/embed] My impression of the movie everybody’s talking about lately. No point in “boycotting” this movie unless you’re boycotting Hollywood in general. Regardless, if you’re going to claim to be offended by people lying to you, then you should be giving more support to the people telling you the truth. These documentaries have been on…

Webmatron’s Notes on Say Goodbye To Macy Gray — She Outed Herself As A TERF

[sc name="voicemaat" ][/sc] On July 4, a day when selective freedom was celebrated in America, it was only fitting that Macy Gray chose to go on known bigot Piers Morgan’s show Uncensored and reveal herself as a transphobe on national television. After all, trans women in the U.S. are still fighting for their rights and…

Recovering the African Feminine Divine in Literature, the Arts, and Practice … – Google Books

Recovering the African Feminine Divine in Literature, the Arts, and Performing Arts: Yemonja Awakening provides context to the myriad ways in which the African feminine divine is being reclaimed by scholars, practitioners and cultural scholars worldwide. This volume addresses the complex ways in which the reclamation of and recognition of Yemonja facilitates cultural survival and…

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