Alabama Woman Was in Jail to ‘Protect’ Her Pregnancy & Wasn’t Pregnant – SheKnows

“It’s just not even thinkable you could go off somebody’s word to make an arrest of somebody being pregnant,” Freeman’s attorney Martin Weinberg told Newsweek. “You know, you’re criminalizing pregnancy, then you find out they’re not even pregnant.”Freeman was booked into the Etowah County Detention Center for 36 hours, where she says she was forced to sleep on the floor. She says she was menstruating at the time, and requested pads, but never received them. Her lawsuit also claims that following her release Etowah County Sheriff Investigator Brandi Fuller warned Freeman not to get pregnant or she could face additional charges.

Source: Alabama Woman Wasin Jail to ‘Protect’ Her Pregnancy & Wasn’t Pregnant – SheKnows

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