Question Time descends into chaos over trans rights

Question Time descends into chaotic shouting match over Scotland’s gender bill and trans prisoners  by Sophie PerrySophie Perry (

An episode of BBC Question Time descended into a chaotic shouting match over Scotland’s recently blocked gender reform bill and trans offenders in women’s prisons.  The topical debate show was broadcast from Strathclyde University in Glasgow on Thursday (2 February) and covered key issues gripping politics in both Scotland and the United Kingdom.  Chair Fiona […]

Chair Fiona Bruce was joined by Scottish Conservative Party MP John Lamont, Labour MP Ian Murray, Scottish National Party MSP Jenny Gilruith, journalist Ella Whelan and transgender newsreader India Willoughby.

In recent months, Scotland has become the epicentre of debates around trans rights after Scottish parliament passed landmark reforms of its gender laws, which were subsequently blocked by Westminister, and the conviction of Isla Bryson – who raped two women prior to identifying as a woman.

After being passed by 86 votes to 39, the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill – which would make it easier for trans people to get a Gender Recognition Certificate – was blocked by the UK government in January using Section 35 of the Scotland Act 1998; an unprecedented, first-of-its-kind move in the history of devolution.

Source: Question Time descends into chaos over trans rights

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