Black Pregnant Woman Shares Video Of White Nurse’s Comments

In an interview with TODAY, Jillian explained that the incident occurred at the Philly Pregnancy Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania, where she has been a patient since the start of her pregnancy. On Oct. 6, Jillian said she stopped by the clinic to pick up a doctor’s note that had already been approved for her.Jillian said that up until that point, she’d seen the same nurse practitioner about three times throughout her pregnancy and had become wary of her behavior. Jillian said she explained to the nurse that she has scoliosis, a curvature of the spine.“Our first interaction was a little bit shaky,” Jillian recalled. “I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I just kind of overlooked certain things, like the way she was like speaking to me.”

Source: Black Pregnant Woman Shares Video Of White Nurse’s Comments

Don’t overlook things. If someone is disrespectful towards you, tell someone, set boundaries, or brace and prepare for an opportunity to legally make them pay. I’m happy this woman was ready with a camera, and very unhappy that we still have to deal with this kind of presumption from baby birds in a certain demographic.

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