Texas Claims Black Prison Guard’s Fetus Had No Right To Life | Crooks and Liars

Eventually, two and a half hours after the pain started, the expectant mother said she was allowed to leave the Middleton Unit. As quickly as the pain would allow her, Issa drove to a nearby hospital, where doctors rushed her into emergency surgery after being unable to find a fetal heartbeat. The baby was delivered…

Former Minister Admits to Murder of Detroit Trans Woman Kelly Stough

A former minister in Michigan pleaded guilty to the 2018 murder of Black transgender woman Kelly Stough, who was active in the local Detroit ballroom scene, authorities announced.Albert Weathers, 50, a former pastor at the Logos Church in Detroit, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and a felony firearm count in the case of Stough, 36,…

NIMH » 2023 James S. Jackson Award Winner Announced

Lisa Bowleg, Ph.D., M.A.
2023 James S. Jackson Award Winner Announced (National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH))

NIMH announces that Lisa Bowleg, Ph.D., M.A., has been selected as the 2023 James S. Jackson Memorial Award winner.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is pleased to announce that Lisa Bowleg, Ph.D., M.A., has been selected as the 2023 James S. Jackson Memorial Award winner. The NIMH James S. Jackson Memorial Award was established in 2021 to honor outstanding researchers who have demonstrated exceptional individual achievement and leadership in mental health disparities…

We’ll see things they’ll never see: Sociological reflections on race, neurodiversity and higher education – Chantelle Jessica Lewis, Jason Arday, 2023


This article offers sociological reflections on race and neurodiversity in UK higher education (UKHE). Using dialogical knowledge production and collaborative autoethnography, the authors discuss their lived experiences of navigating the politics of neurodiversity and neurotypical hegemony in UKHE as Black sociologists. The central argument explores how race and neurotypical hegemony overexposes Black neurodiverse scholars to…

Amid transgender care bans, exceptions made for surgery on intersex children – ABC News

When Sean Saifa Wall was 13, a doctor recommended to his mother that Wall’s male-typical genitals be removed and that he begin feminizing hormone therapy.He says his late mother agreed to the surgery and treatment, but Wall adds that his mother picked the wrong gender for him.”Receiving my medical records and really learning about what…

‘Not Even Allowed to Raise Her Voice’: Black Woman Jailed For Months In Dubai After Yelling at Rental Car Agent Who Tried to Force Her to Pay to Retrieve Her Items Left In Wrecked Vehicle

When Allen stopped by the business to retrieve items like her ID and credit card, an agent told her she had to pay an undisclosed fee to reclaim them.Allen’s mother, Tina Baxter, told local news outlets that the encounter escalated after the agent got aggressive and started yelling at her daughter. Allen began yelling back…

What Can Ex–Abortion Doctor Yashica Robinson in Alabama Do?

A year ago, the patients in the waiting area at the Alabama Women’s Center on Sparkman Drive in Huntsville were separated into two rooms. In one, the staff put people whose abortion procedures had already begun through taking a dose of misoprostol. In the other were the ten or 15 who had come for their…

Call for Proposals Year 2: Consortium Development Projects to Advance Health Equity

The Consortium Development Projects to Advance Health Equity program seeks to fund multi-disciplinary research projects that use or develop novel AI/ML algorithms to address health disparities and inequities in alignment with the AIM-AHEAD North Stars in populations that experience health disparities in the US. Applications for this solicitation will use new or existing real-world data…

Cornel West Is Running For President… Let’s Talk About It

Cornel West Is Running For President

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S7-AqFAHck&ab_channel=olurinatti[/embed] DOCTOR Cornel West is running for President for the People’s Party and we respect him deeply so instead of hot takes on twitter, we wanted to have a discussion exploring all our different questions and perspectives

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