Have breast implants? Israeli study warns of autoimmune, mental problems – The Jerusalem Post

The decision in the 1960s by the medical community to allow silicone breast implants for cosmetic surgery and reconstruction was a “historical medical error,” according to researchers at Ariel University, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Source: Have breast implants? Israeli study…

After Years Of Painful Sex, This 23-Year-Old Mom Discovered She Was Once Given A “Husband Stitch” Without Her Consent

Hannah then explained her problems for the past two years. Hannah says in the video, “She [the OB-GYN] was like, ‘I know why you’re having these problems. It’s clear as day: You were stitched wrong.'” Hannah says that her new OB-GYN explained that the opening to her vagina was much smaller than it should be…

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