How to build a zero-waste economy | Grist

How to build a zero-waste economy

It wasn’t until Sarah Paiji Yoo became a new mother that her journey into plastic-free living really began. Specifically, it was the switch to baby formula that changed her worldview. Yoo had been breastfeeding her son for a few months and was looking to transition him to a dissolvable formula in 2018. But she found…

Mexico prosecutors withdraw case against woman sentenced to prison for killing man raping her

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican prosecutors announced Saturday night that they are withdrawing a case against a woman who was sentenced to six years in prison for killing a man as he raped and attacked her.In a ruling last week that touched off a public outcry, a court in Mexico State said that while it…

Students Demand Action

Students Demand Action

We’re fed up with lawmakers offering only thoughts and prayers. Fed up with them ignoring the voice of the “mass shooting generation” and refusing to reinstate the bipartisan Assault Weapons Ban to save lives. Join us for our Day of Action on May 13th. Source: Home | Students Demand Action

My Take on the Naked Education Hype

Just Education

I’m seeing a lot of (mostly fake) outrage about the _Naked Education_ show in Europe wherein some people appear naked and answer kids’ questions about the body, sex, etc. I wonder how these people who are so outraged would fare in cultures wherein nudity, full or partial, is normal. Probably not well. What’s funny to…

Students Pay as Texas School Districts Violate ‘Threat Assessment Law’ – The Texas Observer

Conroe High School

Conroe ISD is not the only school district that seems to be violating the 2019 school safety law. The Observer found that after three years, only 10 percent of school districts are fully implementing required threat assessment protocols and providing required counseling and referral programs to students of concern. While the state has shirked its…

Websites Selling Abortion Pills Are Sharing Sensitive Data With Google — ProPublica

Websites Selling Abortion Pills Are Sharing Sensitive Data With Google
Websites Selling Abortion Pills Are Sharing Sensitive Data With Google by an author (

Some sites selling abortion pills share information with Google. This data could be used to prosecute people who end their pregnancies with medication.

These third-party trackers, including a Google Analytics tool and advertising technologies, collect a host of details about users and feed them to tech behemoth Google, its parent company, Alphabet, and other third parties, such as the online chat provider LiveChat. Those details include the web addresses the users visited, what they clicked on, the search…

When the Lights Went Out in Moore County

I want to be very clear: we are witnessing a coordinated campaign of violence and intimidation against LGBTQ people, and if it is substantiated that anti-LGBTQ assailants attempted to cut power for 40,000 people in order to have a drag show cancelled–and I suspect it will be–that is the definition of terrorism, and we can…

Google Isn’t [Automatically] Deleting Users’ Abortion-Related Data, Despite Post-Roe Promise

A spokesperson for Google told the Guardian that the company’s promised policy change has taken effect, without confirming exactly when it began. The spokesperson noted that “users can turn Web & App Activity off at any time, delete all or part of their data manually, or choose to automatically delete the data on a rolling…

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