The American Brand of Racism

The American Brand of Racism (The History of Antigua and Barbuda in writings, photographs, and stories)

  Although the Americans were initially greeted with brass bands and open arms, Antiguans at all levels of society quickly found that the Americans did not see their society as they did…

Although the Americans were initially greeted with brass bands and open arms, Antiguans at all levels of society quickly found that the Americans did not see their society as they did. The Americans brought to Antigua a consciousness of race, and a level of racial discrimination and hostility, that was far greater than any that…

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DeSantis’s “War on Woke” Is As Troubling As We Feared

DeSantis’s “War on Woke” Is As Troubling As We Feared by Jay Kuo (The Status Kuo)

In the spirit of taking a closer look at the new and frankly increasingly disturbing crop of GOP leaders, let’s head down to the political swamplands of Florida to examine the education and culture wars recently ignited by Gov. Ron DeSantis. These provide a preview of what we might expect to hear more regularly as DeSantis weighs a primary challenge to reigning MAGA king Donald Trump.

DeSantis was back in the news on Wednesday with an unusual direct challenge to the College Board. As the National Review breathlessly reported, on January 12 the DeSantis administration, through its Department of Education’s “Office of Articulation,” blocked approval for an AP African American Studies (APAAS) curriculum in the state, claiming to the College Board…

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This Hanukkah, learn about the holiday’s forgotten heroes: Women

The eight-day Jewish festival of Hanukkah commemorates ancient Jews’ victory over the powerful Seleucid empire, which ruled much of the Middle East from the third century B.C. to the first century A.D.On the surface, it’s a story of male heroism. A ragtag rebel force led by a rural priest and his five sons, called the…

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The Honorable Marcia Fudge Visits JCSU, Encourages Students to Vote on Election Day | Johnson C. Smith University

“Many people don’t understand that Black history is American history,” said Fudge. “Somebody is going to make a decision for or about you, most of the time without you,” added Adams. “So, you need to either do what I’ve done and what Secretary Fudge has done. Run for office and make those decisions from the inside,…

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The Women Deans of Howard University | Howard Magazine

“When I became president in 2014, there was only one fully-appointed woman dean,” says President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, MD, MBA. “I was determined to change that.”Howard gave Black women a chance to lead as deans at a time when other universities did not. Lucy Diggs Slowe was Howard’s very first, named Dean of…

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Knock Down The House | FULL FEATURE | Netflix – YouTube

[embed][/embed] Four female candidates — each driven by personal experience and hardship — enter the 2018 race for Congress, challenging powerful incumbents for a spot at the table and a voice in government. This emotional documentary follows their campaigns.

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Review: ‘Wake: The Hidden History Of Women-Led Slave Revolts’ : NPR

There’s a particularly expressive drawing near the front of Rebecca Hall and Hugo Martínez’ Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts that sums up what’s unique about this graphic novel. Martínez draws Hall — a trained historian and lawyer — at the New York Historical Society, reading the records of a 1712 slave revolt…

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Newest Michigan Supreme Court member is a young Black mom. How it’s historic | The Detroit News

The Democratic governor said Bolden, a Southfield Democrat who’s 34 years old and a new mom, will bring a unique perspective that has been left out of the court’s decision-making for too long. But some Republicans criticized the appointee for having inadequate legal experience for Michigan’s highest court.At one moment during Tuesday’s event, Bolden addressed…

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What It’s Like to Lose Water in Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi is the Blackest state in the Union, with a population that is 37.8 percent African American. Jackson is no different; 82 percent of the city’s population is Black. The neglect of the city’s water supply is part of a much longer, older story of the state government’s abandonment of public works after the end…

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