Kuwait suspends new visas for Philippines workers in rights row

KUWAIT (Reuters) – Kuwait has suspended all new visas for Philippine nationals indefinitely, the interior ministry confirmed this week, in an escalation of a row between the oil-rich Gulf state and Manila over worker protections and employer rights.Philippine nationals make up around 6% of Kuwait’s 4.7 million population, government data shows. Kuwaitis make up 32%.The…

Mayo Clinic threatens to kill billions in state investment, if two health care bills pass


The Minnesota Nurses Association, which supports the Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act, is pushing back against what it describes as Mayo Clinic’s “blackmail tactics.””This desperate move by executives at Mayo Clinic Health System makes clear exactly why this bill is needed at Mayo facilities, and at every hospital in the state. Mayo executives have…

NNLM Discovery | Period Poverty

Period Poverty

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgGcrMdjX0E&ab_channel=NationalLibraryofMedicine[/embed] Why do we expect to find toilet paper and paper towels in a public restroom, but feminine hygiene products are considered optional? Period Poverty is the struggle many low-income women and girls face while trying to afford menstrual products, which contributes to increased economic vulnerability due to absenteeism and health concerns. With a lack…

Opération «Wuambushu» à Mayotte I Le Comité Maore appelle à l’arrêt du projet à Mayotte – (Ethnic cleansing operation planned for Mayotte, an African island under French colonialism)


Des représentants de la société civile ont organisé une conférence de presse hier au Palais du peuple pour dénoncer l’opération «Wuambushu» à Mayotte. Le Comité Maore a appelé les responsables étatiques à se joindre à leur cause pour empêcher cette opération. La présidente de l’Ong Hifadhu a mis l’accent sur « les abus perpétrés à…

The US is leaving millions behind: American exceptionalism needs to change by 2030

American exceptionalism needs to change - Image shows a feminine person holding a sign that reads leave no one behind, and someone nearby looking at her

The concept of “American exceptionalism” has a long history. The Encyclopedia Britannica defines American exceptionalism as the “idea that the United States of America is a unique and even morally superior country for historical, ideological, or religious reasons.” What if American exceptionalism has a different meaning when compared with other industrialized countries? What if, beyond…

Man guilty of the murder of Bennylyn Burke and her daughter Jellica | Daily Mail Online

Bennylyn and Jellica Burke
CCTV footage captures Andrew Innes purchasing hammer at B&Q by By Henry Martin Jamie Phillips For Mailonline (Daily Mail)

CCTV footage released by the Crown Prosecution Office shows the moment Andrew Innes purchases a hammer at a B&Q.

In a joint statement, they said: ‘Bennylyn had bright ideas and big dreams. She bravely left home to seek a better future in a country far away. Instead, she found the worst cruelty we could ever imagine at the hands of someone she trusted,” they said in a joint statement on Monday. ‘We shall be…

Everybody Gotta Eat: An Afrofuturism of Food Justice

Everybody Gotta Eat
Everybody Gotta Eat: An Afrofuturism of Food Justice by The Happily Natural Day (Happily Natural)

A true story about a neighborhood making sure everybody in it is eating.

Once upon a time poor people in the city couldnt find places to get healthy fruits and veggies. People were sick and dying from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other types of diet related illness. Everyday, they would struggle to find rides to the grocery store or they would have to settle for the unhealthy……

Comparison of US Firearm-Related Deaths Among Children and Adolescents by Race and Ethnicity, 1999–2020 – PMC

Gun Violence Statistics by Ethnicity | nihms-1860856-f0001
Comparison of US Firearm-Related Deaths Among Children and Adolescents by Race and Ethnicity, 1999–2020 (PubMed Central (PMC))

An analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mortality data found that firearm-related deaths surpassed motor vehicle collisions as the leading cause of mortality for US children and adolescents aged 1 to 19 years (hereafter “youths”) for the first time in 2020.1 The 2019 to 2020 increase in the crude rate of firearm-related…

This School Calls the Police on Students Every Other Day — ProPublica

Administrators at the Garrison School call the police to report student misbehavior every other school day, on average. And because staff members regularly press charges against the children — some as young as 9 — officers have arrested students more than 100 times in the last five school years, an investigation by the Chicago Tribune…

Barbara Smith on Reproductive Justice and Black Feminism: An Interview — Black Women Radicals

It was incredibly difficult and nightmarish because if one got pregnant, and particularly if you were not married, you became like a persona non grata. You were stigmatized. There was incredible shame. I was speaking a few weeks ago, Ithink it was before Roe fell, to a friend who is in their fifties and she…

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