Talking Postpartum Depression | Office on Women’s Health

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a common mental health condition that can affect anyone. While it can feel hard or lonely, healing from PPD is possible. About 1 in 8 women report symptoms of PPD in the year after giving birth. Everyone experiences PPD differently. Feeling sad, anxious, or overwhelmed are some of the signs. You…



[embed][/embed] “2023 edition of the International Day of the Girl Child came with a difference as Rotary Club of Lagos chose two public schools in the metropolis for her girl child empowerment project. HERCONOMY put its weight behind it.”

Human rights violations against intersex people: civil society urges Human Rights Council resolution

[embed][/embed] “In most countries, intersex children are routinely subjected to unnecessary medical treatments, surgeries, and other interventions without expressed personal free and informed consent due to stigma and misconceptions about their sex characteristics. “The impacts of these practices – and their framing as human rights violations and abuses – have been highlighted by several human…

NIH VideoCast – Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ+ Youth

In celebration of Pride Month, this interactive hybrid symposium will feature a keynote speaker and moderated panel discussion focusing on the latest interventions, what research still needs to be developed, and resources with respect to Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ+ Youth. Source: NIH VideoCast – Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ+ Youth

COVID-19 Vaccination and Boosting During Pregnancy Benefits Pregnant People and Newborns | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The researchers found that pregnant people who received the COVID-19 vaccines generated antibodies against specific types of SARS-CoV-2. These included antibodies against the D614G variant (which the vaccines were designed to protect against), as well as the Delta and Omicron subvariants. The antibodies effectively crossed the placenta and were also found in the cord blood…

Camp des filles leaders de Ouidah: L’ONG Femme et Développement promeut le leadership féminin

Camp des filles leaders de Ouidah

[embed][/embed] “La 5ème édition du camp des filles leaders est lancée ce mardi 8 Août 2023 et prendra fin le 11 Août prochain. Cette initiative de l’ONG Femme Développement, permet aux jeunes filles sélectionnées dans les lycées et collèges de Ouidah, d’être outillées la santé sexuelle et reproductive, mais également sur le leadership féminin. En…

A Midwife is like a Mother by USAID publications – Exposure

During her personalized check-ups, Adama encourages women to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. If a woman refuses, Adama takes down her information and follows up by phone. Often, these women are amazed that Adama takes the time to call at all. If the patient still declines, Adama continues to follow up, sometimes even visiting patients at…

Why I carried my baby in a tikinagan – Today’s Parent

As I tied, I whispered prayers, surrounding her, protecting her. I imagined the generations of Indigenous mothers before me who similarly laced babies up in mossbags with love and prayers, knowing that colonialism could never take our traditional child-rearing and kinship practices away. I picked my daughter up, supporting her back and head, and placed…

Amid transgender care bans, exceptions made for surgery on intersex children – ABC News

When Sean Saifa Wall was 13, a doctor recommended to his mother that Wall’s male-typical genitals be removed and that he begin feminizing hormone therapy.He says his late mother agreed to the surgery and treatment, but Wall adds that his mother picked the wrong gender for him.”Receiving my medical records and really learning about what…

Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill to Battle Nation’s Stillbirth Crisis

After legislation fell short of passage last year, a bipartisan group of lawmakers hope to advance a new bill to fund stillbirth prevention, and they credit ProPublica for its reporting. Source: Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill to Battle Nation’s Stillbirth Crisis

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