Whether or not a man convicted of abusing African ‘orphans’ is exonerated, the missionary system that brought him to Kenya was always deeply flawed

As a historian who studies evangelical missions in Africa, including missionaries’ efforts to “save” African children, I have spent much of the last five years trying to make sense of this case. Any way you look at it, both the initial allegations against Durham and the new claims of abuse and false testimony are tragic.As…

My Take on the Naked Education Hype

Just Education

I’m seeing a lot of (mostly fake) outrage about the _Naked Education_ show in Europe wherein some people appear naked and answer kids’ questions about the body, sex, etc. I wonder how these people who are so outraged would fare in cultures wherein nudity, full or partial, is normal. Probably not well. What’s funny to…

Exporting Prejudice: How the West promotes homophobia in Africa

How the West promotes homophobia in Africa

Africa is undergoing a swell of attacks on gay and non-binary people, often instigated by religious and political leaders. Some of these figures are prominent presidents and preachers, but others are less well known because they promote homophobia from abroad, including right-wing evangelical figures from the US. Source: Exporting Prejudice: How the West promotes homophobia…

Ghana’s LGBTQ: How a US group with links to the far-right may have influenced a crackdown on the community | CNN

US group with links to the far-right may have influenced a crackdown on Ghana’s LGBTQ community

“The same people they claim to have brought homosexuality to Africa are the same people who told them to have this hate they are using against us,” he says. “There have always been queer Ghanaians.”Bediako says the anti-LGBTQ “family values” coalition has long been a loud presence in Ghana, but that it was never organized…

A Firehose of Insanity and The Republican Cycle of Radicalization – Teri Kanefield

Republican Firehose of Insanity

We are essentially being hit with a firehose of insanity. I could spend a full blog post on any one of the above, but I think it’s better to back up and take a bird’s eye view to ask how has the Republican Party became so unhinged and radicalized. Source: A Firehose of Insanity and…

Here’s why Substack’s scam worked so well • Buttondown

Substack's Blog Monetisation Scam Lured Writers Into Funding Racists and Misogynists

Substack’s Blog Monetisation Scam Lured Writers Into Funding Racists and Misogynists Substack has become famous for giving massive advances — the kind that were never once offered to me or my colleagues, not up front and not after the platform took off — to people who actively hate trans people and women, argue ceaselessly against…

Gender-Affirming Care for Adults Is Now Basically Banned in Missouri

Let us Live

The emergency rule makes it impossible for transgender people of all ages to access gender-affirming care unless they have exhibited a medically documented “long-lasting, persistent and intense” pattern of gender dysphoria for three years. They also have to prove they’ve received “a full psychological or psychiatric assessment” and “15 separate, hourly sessions” of therapy, at…

Pick me! Choose me! Roast me! The plight of the “pick me” unpacked | Khadija Mbowe

The Pickme Issue

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONHdnv37j-g&ab_channel=KhadijaMbowe[/embed] Khadija goes in on the #pickme issue. On the one hand, women’s choices shouldn’t be overly scrutinized, but when it stops being individual and becomes an avenue for grifters, we need to deal with that with our eyes open.

The US is leaving millions behind: American exceptionalism needs to change by 2030

American exceptionalism needs to change - Image shows a feminine person holding a sign that reads leave no one behind, and someone nearby looking at her

The concept of “American exceptionalism” has a long history. The Encyclopedia Britannica defines American exceptionalism as the “idea that the United States of America is a unique and even morally superior country for historical, ideological, or religious reasons.” What if American exceptionalism has a different meaning when compared with other industrialized countries? What if, beyond…

How the Black Family Was Colonised (& How It Made You Hate Black Single Mums) | Black in Britain

How the Black Family Was Colonised

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzuWuwWXl20&ab_channel=HyphenatedHistory[/embed] In this video, I explore the process by which Black single mothers and Black non nuclear families came to be vilified, via colonialism, capitalism and racism.

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