The Misconception About Africa And S€xuality – Swiry Nyar Kano – YouTube

Misconception About Africa And S€xuality - Swiry Nyar Kano

[embed][/embed] S3xuality and Africa. Has Africa always been conservative towards sëxual intercourse? Swiry Nyar Kano shares a greater knowledge and understanding on Africa and S€xuality. Please kindly follow our sister swiry on TikTok: swiry_nyar_kano.    

Steal nonbinary wedding inspiration from this elopement shoot | Offbeat Bride – OFFBEAT WED

Ashley Peters of The Stylist Abroad described this nonbinary elopement shoot as “If Prince Harry crossed over with Travis Barker” and needless to say, we are OBSESSED. The goal was to showcase that you can be heavily tattooed and still exude sexy and sophisticated “high society” vibes. We were delighted to discover that models Jailene…

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